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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

*Can Camelot help me with my succession plan?

*Will Camelot be my succession plan? 

*If I want to go RIA only - but I don’t want to build the infrastructure - is there a way to do that with Camelot?

Camelot Advisors was created to serve those purposes and is an invitation only proposition. Camelot Advisors is only open to advisors who use Camelot Portfolios for investment management.  We do not, however, require firms to use Camelot Portfolios exclusively, and in fact, we do have several selling agreements with other managers. 

 Key Points of interest:

Firms can keep their own branding or re-brand as a Camelot Advisor.

Camelot takes on all back office duties including:

o   Compliance

o   Trading

o   Performance Reporting

o   Billing

o   Processing with custodians

Camelot Portfolios is available to build portfolios as well as assist with other deliverables like estate design and tax planning. Firms have a 3X gross earnings succession agreement for death, disability or retirement

Camelot Advisors do have the ability to have a Hybrid relationship with an approved Broker-Dealer

 As this is an invitation only proposition, if you are interested in discussing how Camelot Advisor can work for you - please complete the form on this page to schedule a time to speak with Matthew Moses, President of Camelot Portfolios and Camelot Advisors. CA001

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